"Revolutionary and thrilling"
— Sunday Telegraph 

"A provocative book that challenges us all to reclaim our lives from a distant elite"
— The Sunday Times

"Hilton’s plea will strike many chords with readers"
— Guardian

"A powerful and authentic voice … captivating"
— Private Eye

"I was both startled and then seduced by his words and ideas … [a] globally respected thinker"
— Independent

Why don’t our graduates have the skills they need? Why don’t we know where our food come from? Why don’t well-meaning policies ever seem to work when they touch reality?

In More Human, Steve Hilton, the former senior advisor to British Prime Minister David Cameron credited with modernizing the UK Conservative Party, answers these questions and more. With the perspective of a recent transplant to Silicon Valley and startup CEO, he argues that our underlying anger and frustration at institutions today stems from a simple reality: that the systems and structures we’ve built to run the modern world are just too big, too bureaucratic, and too far-removed from the human scale for us to have any real control over many aspects of our lives. 

If we are to truly live in a society designed where people come first, we need fundamental change, he argues, not just half-measures. We need to radically shake-up the status quo. From healthcare and business to poverty and families, Hilton shows us not just where we’ve gone wrong, but also where we’ve succeeded. In a book that challenges the orthodoxies and vested interests that have a stranglehold on our lives, Hilton offers an alternative vision – and unique perspective – for a better, more human world.